Board Certified Specialists in Child Language

Welcome Specialist! On this page, you will find information about maintaining your Board Certification, requesting retired status, applying for reinstatement, and helpful tips and resources for reaching your continuing education goals.

Maintaining BCS-CL Certification

To maintain your BCS-CL:

  • Every year, a fee of $100 is required. Note: A $50 late fee is applied after Dec. 31st.
  • Every five years, your Board Certification needs to be renewed. To renew, you will need to verify that you have completed 100 clock hours of intermediate or advanced continuing education activities.
    Five-year Renewal Form

List of generally accepted advanced continuing education activities

Continuing Education

Use this Continuing Education in Child Language form to record your advanced continuing education activities. This form includes the information you would need to provide to the Board in the event you are selected for an audit.

Continuing Education in Child Language: Five-Year Documentation Form

Looking for Advanced-Level Continuing Education? We can help!

Advanced Level Continuing Education

Retired Status

If you are retired from practice, a BCS-CL (Retired) status is available. To apply, you must have:

  • Held Specialty Certification in Child Language for at least 10 consecutive years.
  • Retired your CCC-SLP and now hold CCC-SLP (Retired).

Your BCS-CL (Retired) annual fee is reduced to $50. Note: A $50 late fee is applied after Dec. 31st.

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Reinstatement of Board Certification to individuals whose renewal has lapsed is possible if requested within a year of the lapse. Need more information? Contact the ABCLLD at

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