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Kimmerly Harrell, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL


Jacksonville University-Palm Coast, Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences


2800 University Boulevard North, Jacksonville, FL

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Kimmerly Harrell, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL

Dr. Harrell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Jacksonville University. Prior to receiving her PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders, she worked as a school-based speech-language pathologist in Georgia and Florida. Her areas of research and expertise include language and literacy disorders in culturally and linguistically diverse adolescents, reading comprehension, and vocabulary intervention. She is also the owner of Capstone Speech-Language Therapy and Consulting Services where she provides private language and literacy services and consulting to schools and organizations on how to serve culturally and linguistically diverse students who struggle with language and literacy. Dr. Harrell also uses her knowledge and expertise to provide services in Haiti, Kenya, Jamaica, and other global communities. She serves as the Program Manager for Curriculum and Instruction for Travel & GIVE, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that combines travel with addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities in local communities around the world.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity/Bilingual Speakers/English as a Second Language
  • Developmental Language Disorder
  • Language/Learning Disabilities
  • Parent Coaching
  • Speech Sound Disorders
  • Literacy: Reading/Dyslexia
  • Literacy: Writing/Spelling

Other Areas of Emphasis


Ages of Emphasis:

  • Early Elementary (Kindergarten to Grade 6)
  • Middle School/High School (Grades 7–12)
  • Young Adult (Ages 17–22)