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Froma P. Roth: 2020 Honors of the Association Award from ASHA

Froma RothFroma Roth, PhD, CCC-SLP (Retired), BCS-CL (Retired), received the Honors of the Association Award from ASHA this year. She is Professor Emerita, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. Her research program and clinical interests focus on language-literacy connections in at-risk children or those with identified language-learning disabilities. Professor Roth and colleagues developed the first RTI instructional model designed specifically for preschool children.

Dr. Roth is co-author of a basic textbook on speech and language intervention, Treatment Resource Manual for Speech-Language Pathology (6th edition, in press), and is primary developer and co-author of PASS (Promoting Awareness of Sounds in Speech, 2012), a research-supported phonological awareness instructional program for preschool and primary school children. She serves as The Council for Exceptional Children’s Division of Communication and Deafness liaison to the National Joint Council on Learning Disabilities. Her publications emphasize issues related to the assessment and treatment of language and literacy problems from preschool through adolescence.